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Two technologies of Shanghai Renle high-voltage inverter and high-voltage soft starter cabinet are included in the
Company | 来源:RENLE 2020/11/11 阅读:6070

In May 2020, Renle was recommended by relevant departments and applied for the "Guiding Catalogue for the Key Promotion of Advanced Practical Water Conservancy Technologies in 2020" by the Ministry of Water Resources. After formal review, expert appraisal and comprehensive appraisal, Shanghai Renle RNHV series The high-voltage inverter (technology) and RNMV series of high-voltage solid-state soft-start cabinets (technology) were recognized by the Ministry of Water Resources as advanced practical technologies for water conservancy, and were included in the "Guiding Catalogue for the Key Promotion of Advanced Practical Water Technology in 2020" (Water Technology Push [2020] No. 45) .

In recent years, Shanghai Renle Technology Co., Ltd.'s RNHV series high-voltage inverter and RNMV series high-voltage solid-state soft starters have been applied to the 14 pumping stations of the Jingdian large-scale pumping station renovation project of the Jingtaichuan Electric Power Pumping and Irrigation Administration Bureau of Gansu Province. The success of the company has brought good economic and social benefits to users.

After the transformation is completed, the wear of the water pump and valve is effectively reduced, the maintenance cycle is extended, the maintenance work is simplified, the equipment operating life is greatly increased, the equipment operation and maintenance costs are reduced, and the "water hammer effect" and "water hammer effect" and " Mechanical shock". And the comprehensive energy consumption has been reduced by 20% to 30%, which is in line with the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy.

Renle will increase the pace of innovation, apply 5G Internet of Things, digital, and information products' intelligent transmission online remote monitoring technology to promote the management of large and medium-sized irrigation areas and irrigation and drainage pumping stations to achieve unmanned and few people on duty; The safe and efficient operation of medium-sized irrigation and drainage projects and continuous benefits, serve the rural revitalization strategy and economic and social development, and provide solid scientific and technological support and technical support for realizing the modernization of the national water governance system and governance capabilities!

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