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New and old employees of Shanghai Renault gathered to celebrate the "Nine-Nine Double Ninth Festival"
Company | From:RENLE 2020/11/09 Read:5999

On October 22, 2020, Shanghai Reynolds held the "Double Ninth Festival" event in the multifunctional hall of the administration building. We invited retired employees of the company to celebrate the festival together.

In the first half, we watched the "Father, Son and Grandson" quyi drama program presented to us by Jiading Industrial Zone. The plot revolved around "community caring for the elderly, children respecting the elderly, and self-protection of the elderly", advocating respecting the elderly and loving the young. , The new trend of civilization and harmony, spurs bad social phenomena such as "unfilial piety", "indifference", "selfishness" and "spoiling". The attendees watched it very seriously. Some plots in the play went straight to the depths of the soul, and everyone was very moved. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on, and the child wants to be filial but not to wait. Use a sentence from General Secretary Xi to summarize: "We want all the elderly to be able to have a sense of security, support, happiness, and peace of old age."

Next is our Renle vice president, Mr. Guo Wanjing, presenting Renault’s most sincere holiday blessings to retired employees, thanking them for their hard work for Renault, and sending them flowers and longevity noodles, and the Renault baking team The "Chongyang Festival" cake made by colleagues for their DIY, wish them a happy holiday, health and longevity!

Finally, we prepared greeting cards, letterheads, pens and envelopes for all the participants, so that everyone can write their blessings and gratitude to their parents in the form of letters, and post them on the same day so that parents can receive their children’s holiday before the Double Ninth Festival blessing.

The kindness of parents is greater than the sky, what they expect is not our gift, companionship is the best return to them! No matter how busy you are at work and no matter how far away you are from home, don't forget that there are still our parents waiting for us at home! Although the event is coming to an end, our Chinese filial piety has a long history.
It is the virtue of the Chinese nation and one of the spiritual pillars of the Chinese nation to maintain family happiness. Filial piety is the first of all virtues, and filial piety runs through the generations for five thousand years. Filial piety has become the fine tradition and value of the Chinese nation that has flourished and passed down the generations. Father is kind and filial, respects the old and loves the young, is conducive to family harmony and happiness.
On the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival, Shanghai Renault wishes all parents in the world good health and all the best!

When we were young, our parents accompanied us to grow up. Now we grow old with them.

May the years be kind to your loved ones,

May we cherish each other's company in the limited time.

Give your parents more love and thank them for their nurturing grace;

Give your parents more company, thank them for your growth;

Give your parents a hug and thank them for remembering us.

No matter how far you are from home, don't let your parents wait for you too long!

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