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Shanghai Reynolds Party Branch organizes
Company | 来源:RENLE 2020/11/09 阅读:6163

On October 26, 2020, the "Practice in Shanghai" series of publicity and promotion activities sponsored by the Office of the Shanghai Municipal Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization, Shanghai Volunteer Association, Shanghai Radio and Television, and were held in Jiading Industrial Zone, organized by Shanghai Reynolds Party Branch Activists who joined the party participated in the film and song concert of "Watching Red Movies and Telling Times Story".

Movie songs are divided into three major movements:

The first movement "I Dedicate the Singing to the Party": movie songs include the episode of "Children of Wind and Cloud", "The March of the Volunteers", the episode of the movie "Railway Guerrilla", "Playing My Beloved Soil Pipa", and the episode of "Heroes" from the movie "Heroes" Hymn

The second movement "I Love My Motherland": the movie "The Founding of the People's Republic" episode "Pursuing", the movie "Visitor on the Iceberg" episode "Remembering Comrades", the movie "Shangganling" episode "My Motherland";

The third movement "We Struggle for a Well-off Society": the movie "Going Home Like an Arrow" episode "Goose Nanfei", movie "Red Peony" episode "Song of Peony", movie "Ashima" episode "The Horse Bell Rings to the Jade Bird" "Sing", the movie "Lei Feng" episode "Sing a folk song for the party", the movie "Me and My Motherland" episode "Me and My Motherland".

Through the red movie songs, we have returned to the years of war with artillery fire and the era of construction in full swing. Let us relive the history of the party, the history of New China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development in music. Feel the original intention, never forget the original intention, and stick to the original intention.

Let us be full of enthusiasm and tears from time to time; 11 classic songs, let us relive nearly a hundred years of party history in songs, strengthen our ideals and beliefs in the melody, good people and good deeds around us, anti-epidemic heroes, national labor models, Shanghai craftsmen, etc. Comrades showed us how they practiced their values in life, and also inspired us Renault people to base themselves on their posts, carry forward the anti-epidemic spirit, work more selflessly, and practice the Communist Party with a persevering mental state and an attitude of indomitable struggle. Man’s original mission. "

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