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With the support of the headquarters, we will make full use of the brand's appeal, mature business model, and use the brand's strong advertising campaign and product advantages to quickly launch the regional market. We sincerely invite elites who have the ability to control the market and market execution to aspire to the throne of agency , Go to the feast of true feelings, and build your own wealth kingdom!

1. High profit, low risk;

2. The company has strong strength, advanced production equipment, sufficient supply and quality assurance;

3. Reasonable regional division, and provide a complete regional protection system for each dealer to ensure that the dealer has the exclusive right to operate in the designated area;

4. Adopt multimedia and multi-faceted advertising and promotion activities to continuously enhance the brand image;

5. The brand has a long-term development plan to ensure continued profitability for distributors.

1. Have independent civil liability capacity and business qualifications;

2. Willing to develop together with the company and have strong economic strength;

3. Have brand scale and market development capabilities;

4. Have a good business philosophy and business reputation, and rich network resources.

1. National unified investment promotion telephone communication appointment, appointment telephone: 800-8200-785

2. Fill in the distribution application form, provide relevant capital certificate, business license, copy of tax certificate, channel construction plan and brand promotion plan;

3. The company conducts interviews and visits with distributors, comprehensively evaluates them, and reports to the company headquarters for review and approval after passing the test;

4. Sign a formal distribution contract and pay related expenses after the company headquarters has reviewed and qualified the intended dealer;

5. The company headquarters sends staff to conduct professional training for dealer sales personnel;

6. Enter the terminal market operation stage, the company regularly guides operations.