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Product Description

Product Name: Portable Lamp 

Product Features :

● The lamp head can be pulled and adjusted by hand for a right beam angle to improve work efficiency. A real-time display of battery is set inside the cell box. The remaining battery capacity can be known from the displayer for the convenience of battery charging and discharging as well as lamp maintenance. The lamp head is capable of flood and spot lighting, making it easy for switching lighting, applying to all kinds of lighting occasions. 

● The lamp adopts 9 branded LED lights in series-parallel connection to improve the luminous efficiency, provide a life service of up to 100,000 hours with ultra-low power consumption. Under high light mode, the lamp works for up to 16 hours, applying to the long-time operation under various work conditions. 

● The high energy and memory free battery can be charged and discharged at any time. The environmentally-friendly pack is small in size, light in weight, and has a long life service. Its self-discharge rate is extremely low, which ensures a battery reserve of 85% more within 6 months after one full charge. 

● The lamp shell adopts premium aluminum alloy cast and moulded, its surface is sprayed by high voltage electrostatic powder, and its interior is designed with compact structure. The product is light and delicate, processed with airproof technique, and resistant to impacts, which enables a normal operation under a heavy rain environment. 

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