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Product Description

Produce Name: LED Light Lifting Lamp 

Product Features :

● The lamp has a wide range, a high light and a long life service. The lamp panel is composed of two 50W or 100W LED lamp heads. 

● The luminaire adopts two extension gas poles as a way to regulate height to a maximum of 3 meters. And each lamp can be adjusted independently, vertically and horizontally. And the whole lamp panel shall rotate 360 degrees horizontally around the extension gas pole. 

● When using generator set for power supply, the lamp illuminates nonstop for over 6 hours after one charged with fuel, and it can realizes long-time and consecutive lighting if charged with a city power of 220V. 

● The luminaire is composed of a lamp support (includes a lamp panel, the extensive gas pole) and a generator stand. The generator stand consists of a generator set and an electrical box. The generator stand is composed of two parts, light in weight, easy for assembly and operation. The lifting pole can be operated manually to have a speedy control in adjusting its height. 

● The whole adopts imported metal materials to ensure a high quality, a stable and reliable performance under harsh environments and conditions. 

● In case the standard configuration of our products did not meet client’s needs, our company shall make adjustments according to client’s requirements in lamp head quantity of the lamp panel, lamp power, type of floodlight or spotlight, lift height of extension gas tank, and configuration of generator. 

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