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LFW6102LED explosion-proof work lamp

Product Description

Product name: LED explosion-proof work lamp


● This product is designed in accordance with the requirements of GB3836.1-2010, 3836.2-2010 and 3836.3-2010. The increased safety and explosion-proof explosion-proof grades are produced in accordance with national explosion-proof standards, and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places.

● Adopting LED light source, 10 pieces in series and parallel connection, high luminous efficiency, life of up to 100,000 hours, ultra-low power consumption, strong light can be continuously lit for more than 10 hours, working light up to 16 hours, fully satisfying all kinds of the need for working hours of lighting.

● The unique structure design of the lamp holder can be used for condensing and long-distance lighting, and it can also be easily converted into floodlight for large-area construction lighting. The stainless steel coiled tube technology is adopted. The lamp holder realizes the universal stepless adjustment of the irradiation direction.

● The high-energy non-memory battery can be charged and discharged at any time, is environmentally friendly, has high capacity, strong safety performance, long life and durability, and the power storage capacity of three months after a single charge is not less than 85% of the full capacity.

● The lamp head can be fixed on the lamp body or other supports, and it can also be easily removed and used for handheld use. The irradiation direction can be adjusted arbitrarily at multiple angles. It can also be fixed on an air-cushioned lifting frame within a height range of 1.15-1.75 meters. The pole and the battery box are an integrated structure, which is convenient and flexible to use. The bottom of the lamp body is equipped with convenient moving wheels, which can easily move the position of the lamp body on the flat ground;

● Fully sealed process design, can work normally under heavy rain environment, the special alloy shell can withstand strong collision and impact;

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