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GCS Type Low-voltage switchboard of the draw-out version

Product Description

GCS type low-voltage switchboard of the draw-out version (Hereinafter referred to as the switch equipment) is produced by our company according to the requirements of the common electricity users and designer units. The switch equipment meets the conditions of our country, has high technical performance index, applys to the developing needs of electricity market and completes with the currently introduced products. The switch equipment is now widely used by the electricity users.
The switch equipment applies to the electricity distribution system for the power plants, oil, and chemical industry, metallurgy, textile and high-rise construction etc. In places such as huge power plants, petrochemical industry system, which are highly automatic and should be interfaced to computers, it functions as the electricity distribution, the collective control of the motor and the low-voltage complete set of electricity distribution device, which is used for reactive-load compensation in the electricity generation and supply systems whose triphase AC frequency is 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage is 380V (400V)(600V) and rated current is less equal to 4000A.
This product meets the following criteria: the GB7251 Low-voltage Complete Set of Switch Equipment and the JB / T9661 Lowvoltage Draw-out Complete Set of Switch Equipment as well as the |EC60439-1 Integrated Low Voltage Switch and Control Equipment Standard.

Structure & Feature

The main frame of GCS series switchgear adopts assembled C-type steel. The main frame has an installation modulus hole. E=20mm. Each function room of the switchgear is divided into separate functional room, busbar room, and current room.

Function Unit

a.The module of the drawer height is 160mm, and is divided into 5 sizes, namely units of 1/2, 1, 15, 2, 3. The rated current of unit loop is below 400A.
b.The change to the drawer differs in its height, not in its width and depth. The drawer with the same function unit can be interchanged.
c.Each set of MCC cabinet can be installed with 11 one-unit s or 22 halfunit drawers at most. Of which the one-unit drawer adopts the multifunctional backboard.
d.The inlet and outlet of the drawer adopts the slice connector with the same specification according to the current change.
e. The conversion between the drawer unit and cable room adopts ZJ-2 typed patch board with a structure of backing plate.
f.The conversion between the drawers with more than 1 unit and cable room adopts the ZJ-1 typed patch board with a pipe structure of the same size according to current category.
g.Conspicuous marks of switch-on and off, test, draw-out and others can be seen the drawer panel.
h.The drawer unit has not mechanical interlocking device.

● A specialized cable room is installed for the feeder cabinet and motor control cabinet. The wire connections between its function unit and cable room is realized through patch board, which improvi the reliability in cable use and greatly benefit the wire installation and

maintenance for the user.
● The cable room has two width dimensions (240mm and 440mm) for choice and use, determined by the cable quantity, cross section and user’s demands on installation and maintenance. In consideration of the universality and security of the dry-typed transformer as well as the economical oil-immersed transformer, the device combines with the dry-typed transformer into a series, and connects with the low voltage busbar of the oil-immersed transformer.
● The drawer has both draw-out and fixed type, it can be combined and used at will.
● The switch equipment can be designed according to three-phase fivewire systems and three-phase four-wire system. The design department and user can choose the PE+N or PEN way conveniently.
● The protection level of the cabinet body is IP30 and IP40. And the protection level can be determined by the user.

Technical Indexes

● Main circuit rate voltage (V): AC380(400)、(660)
● Auxiliary circuit rated voltage (V): AC220、380(400)DC110、220
● Rated frequency (Hz): 50(60)
● Rated isolation voltage (V): 660(1000)
● Rated current (A)
Horizontal bus: ≤4000
Vertical bus (MCC): 1000
● Rated withstand bus current during short circuit (kA/1s): 50,80
● Rated withstand bus current during peak time (kA/1s): 105,176
● Power frequency experimental voltage (V/1min)
Main circuit: 2500
Auxiliary circuit: 1760
● Bus
Triphase four wire system: A、B、C、PEN
Triphase five wire system: A、B、C、N、PE
● Protection Level: IP30、IP40

Product Model

Instruction for Product Model

Main circuit diagram

Main circuit scheme of the switchgear has 32 groups in total, namely 118 specifications (See the Figure 2). Of which exclude the ones for controlling and protecting the auxiliary circuit. The rated voltage is 4000A. It is a suitable option for the distribution transformer of 2500kVA and below.
In addition, a capacitor compensation cabinet is designed for the need of increased power factor, and a reactor cabinet is designed in consideration of the business investment.

Remark: RNW 1 is the main circuit breaker. Other circuit breakers with more advanced performance, such as the imported F and MT series, can be an option.

1、In case of the PE+N line enters the power cabinet of the Plans 01, 02 and 03, then the cabinet width shall
2、 SDL and SDH are the specialized current transformer for the GCS cabinet.

Product Outline & Installation Dimension

Following documents shall be provided at ordering

1、Model number of all products, includes ones of main and auxiliary schemes;
2 、Combination diagram of main circuit system
3 、Cabinet layout plan
4 、Electrical schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit
5 、Lists of main components inside cabinet
6 、Voltage, current, time and other setting parameters in the circuit
7 、Other special requirements in discrepancy with the normal use of product


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