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GGD Type Low-voltage AC power distributing cabinet

Product Description

GGD AC low voltage distribution board is applicable to power plant, transformer substations and industrial corporations. It serves as power source, power transformation, distribution and control equipment of illumination and distribution equipment in AC 50 Hz distribution systems which rated voltage is 380V and rated current is not above 3150A. The product has high breaking capacity, and its rated prospective short-circuit withstand current can reach 50kA. Because of its flexible wiring scheme, it provides convenient arrangement, favorable practicability and novel structure. The product features the national assembled and fixable switchboard.
The product is compliant with the Low Voltage Unit Switch Equipment and Control Equipment standard IEC439 and the Low Voltage Unit Switch Equipment standard Gb7251.

Technical Characteristics

○ GGD type AC low-voltage distribution complete switch equipment adopts common cabinet frame, of which is assembled with material type C. The frame components and special completing components are made by Renle itself so the accuracy and the quality of the cabinet is ensured. The cabinet, whose components are designed according to the module theory, has mounting holes of 20mm space. The high universality makes it possible for the factory to conduct preproduction. So the production cycle is shortened and the work efficiency is raised.
○ Heat radiation of the cabinet during operation is fully taken into consideration when the GGD cabinet is designed. There are different types of slots at the upper and lower terminals. When the components in the cabinet generate heat, it rises and goes out of the cabinet through the slots. At the same time cold wind continuously enters into the cabinet from the lower slots. So a natural ventilation channel is formed inside the sealed cabinet for the purpose of heat dissipation.
○ According to the modeling requirements of modern industrial products, GGD type adopts golden section method to design appearance and size of every section, so the GGD cabinet becomes more beautiful in appearance.
○ The cabinet door is connected with the frame by shaft-type movable hinge so it is easy to mount or dismount. There is a mount-like rubber-plastic strip at the door flanging. As there is a compression travel for the strip between the installed pieces and the door when the door is closed, the collision of the door with the cabinet is avoided and the protection degree is increased.
○ The instrument door equipped with electric components is connected with the frame by multi-stranded copper wire. The installed components inside the cabinet are connected with the frame by the knurl washer and the whole cabinet constitutes a complete grounding system.
○ The surface of the cabinet is treated with high pressure electrostatic powder spray technology. The powder has good adhesion and quality. The cabinet offers matt tone that avoids the effect of dizziness so the operators can have a better visual environment.
○ The top lid can be dismounted in necessary for the convenience of on-site installation and adjustment of main bus bar . At the four corners of the cabinet top are rings used for hoisting and transportation.
○The protection degree of the cabinet is IP30. Users may choose between IP20 and IP40 according to the requirements of the environment.

Technical Parameters for Switch Equipment

Product Model

Instruction for Product Model

Product outline and installation Size