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GCK Type LV Draw-out Switch Cabinet

Product Description

GCK series low voltage draw-out switch cabinet (Hereinafter referred to as the switch equipment) applies to the rated working voltages of 380V (400V) and (600V). GCK adopts triphase fourwire system and triphase five-wire system. The low voltage switchboard can serve as control equipment for generating, transmitting, reactive power compensation, electric power measuring, lighting and motor centralized control in the plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings.
This product is compliant with the GB7251 Integrated Low Voltage Switch Equipment and Control Equipment Standards and the JB/T9661 Integrated Low Voltage Draw-out Switch Equipment Standard as well as the IEC60439-1 Integrated Low Voltage Switch and Control Equipment Standard.

Structure & Feature

The basic frame of GCK is combined assembly structure. The whole components of the frame are galvanized and sprayed, mutually connected through fastened bolts into a basic structure. Then, the frame shall be equipped with elements, such as door, baffle, clapboard, drawer, supports, busbar and electrical parts, into a complete control cabinet. The cabinet has following features.


The frame adopts the C-type steel in partial assembly. The components and specialized supporting parts of the frame shall be supplied by our company to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet body.

● Case and hole sizes of the components and parts, and the equipment compartment shall adopt modular units. (Modular = 2omm, same in below).
● The internal structure is galvanized, and the external is phosphate before sprayed with the electrostatic epoxy powder.
● The frame is divided into three independent compartments, i.e. bus room, function unit room, cable room , to prevent accident and be easy for maintenance.

Function Unit (Drawer part)

Function units: feeder unit, motor unit, common power supply unit.

● The modular of drawer unit is 200mm in height. And the drawer unit is divided into units as the Unit and the Unit 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3.
● It has 6 sizes. The rated current of the unit is less than 630A.
● Each MCC cabinet accommodates up to 9 Unit 1 drawers, or 18 Units drawers.
● The door plank of the compartment is mechanically connected with the drawer via the operating unit of the main switch. Do not open the drawer when the main switch is closed.
● The operating unit of the main switch can be locked in close or open position by one padlock for the safe maintenance of electrical equipment.
● There are inlet and outlet plugs of the main circuit, secondary plugs of the auxiliary circuit and earthing plugs on the back of the function unit.
● The earthing plug puts the drawer in connecting position during the separation test, ensuring the circuit continuity.
● The compartment of function unit adopts the metal partition to separate.
● The valve in the compartment can be opened and closed automatically upon the propulsion of the drawer, leaving the vertical bus within untouched.
● The drawer unit adopts the spiral propulsion structure, which has three positions for different functions and is easy to operate.

Bus System

● The vertıcal bus adopts the enclosed polycarbonate engıneerıng plastıc shell.
● The bus system adopts three-phase four-wire system and three-phase five-wire system. The horizontal bus is installed on the cabinet top. N and PE lines can be installed at the cabinet top or the lower part of the cabinet.
● The three-phase horizontal copper bus has strong mechanical strength and good heat dissipation. The copper busbar of the switchgear shall choose the following (See the Fig. 1).

Technical Indexes

● Rated insulation voltage: 660V, 1000V
● Rated working voltage: 380V, 660V;
● Rated voltage of the auxiliary circuit: AC220V, 380V, DC110V, 220V;
● Rated frequency: 50Hz~(60) Hz;
● Rated current: the level bus bar must be less equal to 3150A. The vertical bus bar: 630A, 800A and 1200A;
● Rated short-time tolerant current: 50, 80kA/1s; Neutral bus bar 30kA/1s;
● Rated peak current: 105kA/0.1s, 50kA/0.1s;
● The breaking capacity of the function unit (drawer): 50kA (effective value);
● The protection level of the cover board: Ip40.
● The installation of bus bars: triphase four-wire system, triphase five-wire system;
● The manipulation method: local, remote and automatic.

Product Model

Instruction for Product Model

Main Circuit Plan


● 有效安装高度1800mm。

● 受电柜及母线联络柜


● 馈电柜

柜宽﹕600、800mm 柜深﹕800、1000mm(推荐用1000mm﹐上出线柜必须用1000mm)。

● 电动机控制柜(MCC)

柜宽﹕600、600+200mm 柜深﹕800、1000mm(推荐用1000mm﹐ 上出线木巨必须用1000mm)。

● 功率因素补偿柜

柜宽﹕600(4、6路)、800(8路)、1000(10路)mm 柜深﹕800、1000mm



● 主电路方案编号,单元容量及辅助电路控制方式。(即:就地、远方、自动控制)。

● 开关设备的排列图和配电室平面布置图。

● 进出线方式。

● 开关设备的表面颜色。



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