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RNB5000 Series frequency inverter

Product Description

RNB5000 series inverter is a low voltage (large) power and medium voltage inverter developed for common usage. It is not only applicable for universal fan and pump load driving, but also widely used for industrial automation equipment control of many industries, such as textile, stone sawing, air compressor, oil field, coal mine etc. It can also provide solutions for ball mill, injection molding, intelligent motor and other professional applications.

Technical Characteristics:

○ Using high-performance current vector control. High starting torque can be realized also for induction motors.

V/F control: 1Hz, 150% torque (speed control range - 60:1)

Open loop vector control: 0.5Hz, 150% torque (speed control range - 100:1)

Closed loop vector control: 0Hz, 180% torque (speed control range - 1000:1)

○ Equipped with abundant parameter tuning method

Static self-tuning: Most suitable for for debugging purposes under the state of connection to motor and handling machinery.

Rotation self-tuning: Most suitable for the application of high starting torque, high speed, high control precision;

Online parameter self-tuning: During operation, the change of the motor characteristics can be detected and the high-precision speed control can be performed.

○ Instantaneous power outage measures in accord with the application

Speed tracking function is most applicable for fluid machinery with rotating body, such as fans and blowers.Instantaneous non-stop function andpower outage measures for film production line can leave out the UPS and other special equipment. Automatic instantaneous power failure compensation is performed whenlow power is detected.

○ Easy debugging

Application selection function: Just select the mechanical application, you can have the automatically set and the most appropriate parameters, without cumbersome parameter settings. So the trial run time can be shortened.

○ Standard keyboard has parameter copy function. The parameters can be uploaded or downloaded.

○ Support of tools of xPowerTooL and xLoaderTool

xPowerTool can monitor real-time status of the inverter, configure the inverter’s parameters, control inverter’s operation. Using a computer, you can manage parameters of several inverters.

(1)Equipped with a variety of monitoring, parameter editing, curve operation, oscilloscope and other functions, so that the debugging and maintenance of the inverter becomes more convenient. The drive replacement function, which automatically converts parameters from previous products, eliminates the need to set parameters duringreplacement of the inverter or when the inverter has fault.

(2)xLoaderTooL can upgrade inverter’s software online for quick and easy maintenance.

○ Support master-slave control

xPowerTool can monitor the inverter status in real time, configure the inverter parameters and control the inverter operation. Using a computer, you can manage several inverter parameters.

The inverter itself can be set as master or slave.

Set as master: You can select the synchronized reference value for reference of frequency, operating frequency or torque.

Set as slave: You can set whether the slave will follow the host’s command.

The inverter supports drooping control, which can realize load distribution control during drive of the same load by multiple motors.

○ Support standard brake logic and other safety shutdown functions Inverter demonstrates outstanding performance in construction lifting, tower crane, bridge and other applications.

○ Support speed limiting mode under a variety of torque control. The inverter can be used in many torque control circumstances.
Inverter demonstrates outstanding performance in construction l ifting, tower crane, bridge and other applications.

Technical index:

Basic features

● Rated input: 380V/690V/1140V; 50/60Hz

● Rated voltage range: Fluctuation: -15% ~ +10%; Unbalance: <3%; Frequency: 47~63Hz

● Control mode: VF control: open loop vector control, closed loop vector control

● Frequency resolution: Digital setting: 0.01Hz; Analog input: 0.5% X max. Frequency

● Maximum output: V/F control: 3000Hz; Vector control: 300Hz

● Speed control range: VF control: 1:60; vector control: 1:100

● Carrier frequency: 0.5 ~ 12.0KHz (maximum value is determined by the type of the inverter), automatically adjustable according to the temperature of the heat radiator.

● Start torque: 0.5Hz/150% of rated torque of the motor

● Overload capacity: 150% of rated output current for 60s, 180% of rated output current for 3s

Basic function

● Operation mode: Keyboard: terminal (two wires, three wires); Communication (RS485); Switching of different modes is available at will through the switching amount input terminal.

● V/F curve: Straight line, multistage, multiple powers.

● Acceleration/deceleration curve: Straight line or S curve; four sets of acceleration/deceleration time (range: 0.1 ~6000.0s)

● Torque boost: Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost

● Speed tracking: Speed tracking function is available over all power ratings

● Motor braking: DC braking, energy consumption braking, flux braking

● DC braking: Braking frequency: 0.00Hz ~ maximum frequency: Braking time: 0.0 ~ 100.0s; Braking current: 0.0 ~ 100% of rated current of the motor

● Flux braking: Applicable for circumstances where rapid stop and energy regeneration is required to prevent frequent occurrence of overvoltage protection.

● Wave-by-wave current limiting: For reducing the overcurrent fault to maximum and protect normal operation of the inverter.

● Overcurrent and overvoltage control: For automatic limiting of current and voltage during operation to prevent frequent occurrence of overcurrent overvoltage protection.

Special function

● Terminal delay: Response delay (0.0 ~3000.0s) can be set to input/output terminals of switching amount.

● Jog control: Control mode: keyboard, terminal; Communication frequency: 0.00Hz ~ maximum frequency;

● Acceleration/deceleration time: 0.1 ~ 6000.0s.

● Multistage speed, simple PLC: Maximum 16-stage speed operation can be realized through built-in smple PLC or switching input terminal.

● Built-in two groups of PID: When used as normal PID, they can conveniently realize process control closed loop system.

● Fixed length and counting: Counting value can be changed to length for display or for fixed length control.

● Swing frequency prevention: Fixed swing frequency, sudden change and period output at any frequency can be realized.

● Timing control: Inverter’s timing stop control is available (0 ~ 65000h)

● Non-stop during instantaneous power failure: When instantaneous power failure occurs, inverter can reduce frequency for operation so that load feedback energy compensates the reduction of bus voltage and the inverter does not stop in short time.

● Multifunction of jog key: Jog key is used for jog, direction switching and command source switching etc.

Peripheral terminal

● Reference power supply: 10V/30mA. Normally used for power supply of analog input signal.

● Control power: 24V/200mA. Normally used for power supply of switching amount input/output terminal signal.

● Analog input: Two routes of analog input terminals, Voltage or current signal input is selectable. Each route supports three signal ranges: 0~10V, 0~20mA, -10-10V, all of which are programmable.

● Analog output: Two routes of analog output terminals, Voltage or current signal output is selectable. Each route supports two signal ranges: 0~10V, 0~20mA, all of which are programmable.

● Switching amount input: 6 multifunctional switching amount input terminals, with both active PNP and NPN input modes. Among the terminals, X6 can be used for input of high speed pulse (0~100KHz), and programmable.

● Switching amount output: 2 open collector output terminals, among which, Y2 can be used for output of high speed pulse (0~100KHz), and programmable. 2 relay output terminals.

Fault protection

Common type: Input/output phase failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit, module fault, peripheral fault, self-defined fault etc.

Basic function

● Site: Indoors, no exposure to direct sunshine, no dust, water drop, salt, oil mist, vapor, inflammable gas, erosive gas etc.

● Altitude: When altitude ≤ 1000m, the inverter works normally under rated conditions; When altitude > 1000m,the inverter is derated by 1% for each rise of 100 m in height. When altitude > 3000m, please consult the manufacturer for technical support.

● When it exceeds 1000m, derate 1% for every 100m increase;

● When the distance is> 3000m, please seek technical advice from the manufacturer.

● Temperature: -10℃~+40℃; when the ambient temperature is between 40℃~50℃, please keep good ventilation and use derating: for every increase of 1℃, derate 3%.

Humidity: <95%RH, no condensed water

Vibration: <0.6g

Storage: Storage: -25°C ~ +65°C

Product Model

Model Explanation:

Product outer view diagram

Type and specifications

3-phase, 380V input

3-phase, 690V input

4-phase, 1140V input

Outer dimensions and installation dimensions

Product’s outer dimensions diagram

Table of outer installation dimension data


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