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RNB6000 Series frequency inverter

Product Description

VRNB6000 series frequency converter is a frequency converter used to control the speed of three-phase AC motors. The product adopts modern microprocessor technology and SVPWM control theory technology, and adopts insulated gate bipolar crystal Youku tube IGBT with modern advanced technology level as power output device . Therefore, it has high operating reliability, and the adjustable carrier frequency greatly reduces the noise of the motor. The perfect protection function of this product provides good protection for the inverter and the motor.

The scope of products:

○ Suitable for systems where the operating conditions of fans, air compressors, and pumps deviate from the high-efficiency zone;

○ Suitable for systems with large pressure and flow changes and long running time;

○ Applicable to systems that use wind deflectors, valve interception and bypass flow to adjust flow;

○ Fans, air compressors, pump loads with medium and low flow changes, and fans with full flow gaps.

Technical Characteristics:

○ Newest space vector technology

Excellent vector algorithm guarantees the big torque for low frequency in premise of lowest switch loss. High efficiency power voltage availability and optimized sine wave output will reduce its working noise and heat of motor.

○ Unique software dead-zone compensation

The dead-time is the main reason for the low frequency pulsating torque of the inverter. The unique software dead-time compensation of RNB6000 can ensure the stable torque characteristics under the conditions of low frequency and extreme speed to the greatest extent.

○ Excellent speed tracking self-starting without speed sensor

Start the running motor to guarantee the user's equipment to keep stable running RNB6000 can automatically recognize the speed to realize stable speed tracking.

○ Automatic energy saving running

Unique software power factor regulation which will regulate the power factor dynamically according to the change of load so as to save much energy.

○ Voltage fluctuation control

Automatic voltage control could guarantee the output voltage vibration is within ±5% when the input voltage vibration is within ±20%

○ Complete protection function

Overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, IGBT short-circuit, inverse time limit overload protecting design. And it also requests necessary grounding to realize safe protection.

○ DC power supply

Save the power supply investment.

○ Built-in flexible PWM energy consumption braking

The user selects the suitable braking resistor to realize energy consumption braking conveniently.

○ Friendly HMI and flexible input&output interface port

LCD Chinese-English display, supply 8 routines digital input, 2 routines analog input.3 routines digital output, 2 routines analog output and multi-speed programmable running.Potential meter setting mode.

○ Intelligent temperature detection and fan management

○ DC braking

○ Power loss ride- through

Technical index:


Power supply: 3 phase 380Vac 50/60Hz

Input voltage range: Voltage: ±20%, Voltage imbalance ratio: <3%: Frequency: ±5%


● Applicable motor capacity: 1.5~315kW(Constant torque application)

● Rated current output: 4.0~600A(Constant torque application)

● Rated voltage: 3 phase 380V 50/60Hz

● Frequency range: 0 ~ 600Hz

● Setting resolution: Analog setting:0.4% of the maximum setting frequency; Digital setting:0.01Hz( below 100Hz);0.1Hz(above 100Hz)

● Frequency precision: Analog setting:±0.2%(25±10℃); Digital setting:±0.01%(-10 ~ +50℃)

● Over current withstand capacity: 150% rated output current for 1 Min.


● Control type: Optimized space vector SPWM

● Torque compensation: Automatic torque arising for starting, which will reach 150%

● Slip compensation: Compensate the speed drop when driving the load in order to enhance the mechanical characteristic hardness

● Restarting when instant power supply failure: It can restart when the power recovers after momentary outage

● Upper and lower frequency: Set the upper frequency and lower frequency

● Skip frequency: Set 3 groups of skip frequency

● Speed tracking restarting: The running motor can change to variable frequency in operation with no need to stop

● Acceleration and deceleration time: 0.1 ~ 999.9sec, time for acceleration and deceleration can be set independently

● Acceleration and deceleration integral type: The available linear line, S1 and S2 curve, which will satisfy multi-purpose demand

● Running operation mode: Keyboard operation; keyboard control; communication operation; digital input operation and analog input control Serial communication: controlled by upper machine through the RS485 port

● Stop mode: Free stop, deceleration stop and deceleration with DC braking stop

● Low noise running control: Adjust the frequency from 1KHz to 6KHz to reduce the running noise.

● PID closed-loop control: It is available application for different closed-loop control system such as flow, pressure, temperature

● Frequency setting: Keyboard setting : use and keys to set. Analog input signal setting(potential setting): with 0 ~ 10VDC voltage signal, 0 ~ 20mA, 4~20mA current signal setting; Multi-step frequency selection setting: Configurated by the digital input to select the 1 ~ 7

running frequency

● Running status output signal: Relay output: running status, fault status and monitoring status are available. Analogue output: available to select related parameters like frequency, current, voltage, speed and so on.


● Running/stop: Display frequency, current and so on

● Setting mode: Display the set menu No. or set parameter value

● Function operation mode: Display the operating function information and warning information.

● Alarm and fault mode: Display all the alarms and fault codes


● Overload protection: Monitor the output load current of frequency inverter to protect the frequency inverter.

● Overvoltage protection: Monitor the overvoltage of DC bus to protect the frequency inverter.

● Surge voltage protection: When power line-to-line or line-to-grounding exists the surge voltage, this function will protect the frequency inverter

● Under voltage protection: Monitor the fall of DC bus voltage, when the voltage is lower than the setting level of n608, it can protect the frequency inverter

● Overheat protection: Monitor the temperature increment of the heat sink. Once the temperature exceeds the setting, this function will protect the frequency inverter

● Short-circuit to grounding protection: When Short-circuit to grounding hapens on output side of frequency inverter, this function will protect frequency inverter

● Over current protection: 100 ~ 150%(Adjustable)

● Grounding protection: if any one of U, V, W is short-circuited to the ground, the inverter will stop


● Application site: Indoor, the altitude is less than 1000m. It requests no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no dust, no oil mist, no water drop. Prohibit direct sunshine without strong magnetic field interference

● Application temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃

● Application temperature: 5~95%RH(No frost )

● Vibration: ≤0.5g

● Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ +65℃

Product Model

Model Explanation:

Note: The brake unit and DC reactor are both external configuration as optional accessories.

Detailed specification

Size of outline and installation


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