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New Year's Speech by the Vice President of the Electrical Industry Association: Reverse growth in the economic downturn
Industry | From:China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Network 2017/02/07 Read:6180

2016 is a year when China shook hands with joy and hardship, and it was also a year when our electrical industry met hard work and pains. The law returns to Chunhui gradually, and Vientiane begins to renew. On this occasion of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, I would like to represent the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association to the majority of member units and to the higher-level agencies that have long-term care and support for us, and the brothers and seas that have close communication and sincere cooperation with us. Friends from the Friendship Association at home and abroad extend their New Year wishes!

In the past 2016, China's manufacturing industry has experienced the throes of change and is also welcoming new hopes for growth.

In this year, China's manufacturing industry ushered in a lot of favorable policies. On February 29, 2016, in order to implement the "Four Revolutions and One Cooperation" strategic concept in the energy sector proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the 《About the Promotion of "Internet + The "Guiding Opinions on the Development of Smart Energy》has planned the development route of China’s energy Internet in the next ten years, marking that the integration of "Internet +" and the energy industry has entered the stage of theoretical implementation, and it also shows that China is actively deploying "Internet +" in the energy field. "The latest development model of energy is imperative. To
In order to ensure the realization of the goal of "Made in China 2025" and further promote the "integration of industrialization and industrialization", the integration of my country's manufacturing industry and the Internet still has insufficient platform support, weak core technology, low application level, security guarantees to be strengthened, and urgent need for improvement. Regarding issues such as system and mechanism, on May 13, 2016, the State Council issued the 《Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Development of Manufacturing and Internet Integration》.Promote deep integration with the Internet in the main battlefield of the "Internet +" action in the manufacturing industry, form superposition, aggregation, and multiplication effects, and accelerate the conversion of new and old development momentum and production systems. 
In particular, on November 29, 2016, the State Council issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan, which proposed that strategic emerging industries should be placed in greater economic and social development during the "Thirteenth Five-Year" period. Prominent position, vigorously build a new modern industrial system, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the economy and society, and develop new ideas for the strategic development of "information technology industry", "high-end equipment and new materials industry", "new energy vehicles, new energy and energy saving "Environmental protection industry" is listed as the "Five Major" key development industries. Opportunities contain splendor, and innovation makes great achievements. Favorable policies have brought new hope and direction to our electrical industry manufacturing industry; the development of a series of major national engineering projects has brought new opportunities for the electrical industry. 

In 2016, in the context of the economic downturn, from January to October, our country's electrical industry still achieved a main operating income of 4652.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.89%, thus driving the growth of the entire machinery industry. Achieving such good results is inseparable from the implementation of large-scale national power construction projects such as "National Key Transmission Channel Project", "Accelerating Distribution Network Project Transformation", and "New Round of Rural Power Network Transformation". While the electrical appliance industry is looking for opportunities and developing itself, it has also played an important role in the development of the entire national economy. 

The coming 2017 is a year of struggle for the realization of the 13th Five-Year Plan. In this year, “de-capacity, de-inventory, deleveraging, cost reduction, and make up for shortcomings” are still important tasks of the equipment manufacturing industry; the integration of “two industrializations”, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, supply-side reform, Intelligent manufacturing is still the key word of our equipment manufacturing industry; and advancing in the direction set by the 《"Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan》 formulated by the State Council will be the main theme of our equipment manufacturing industry. 

Proficiency in diligence and thinking. Comrades, 2017 will be a year for our manufacturing industry to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and create quality products; it will also be a year for innovation and bravely climbing the peak. Let us at this moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, take steady steps, strengthen our confidence, and work together to plan for the realization of the goals and tasks of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the realization of the great Chinese dream, and struggle for our country's bigger and stronger electrical industry !

Association Introduction 

China Electrical Equipment Industry Association is a non-profit and industry-based national social organization composed of national electrical product manufacturing, scientific research, colleges, engineering complete sets, sales, users and related enterprises and institutions on an equal and voluntary basis,with the status of a social organization as a legal person. In 2009, it was rated as AAAA-level social organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and re-rated as AAAA-level social organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2015. 
The China Electrical Equipment Industry Association accepts the business guidance and supervision of the registration management authority of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China and the state-owned assets supervision and management committee of the State Council. To
Since 1988, the electrical industry has successively established six national industry associations: China Power Generation Equipment, China Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment, China Electric, China Electric, China Electrical Equipment, China Industrial Pot, and Furnace. In order to adapt to the new situation of reform and opening up, and help to form an overall advantage to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the electrical industry, the original six associations were merged in April 1997 to form an all-electric industry with the approval of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, a unified industry.

In recent years, with the further transformation of government functions to the direction of macro management, the government has authorized and commissioned industry management work such as standardized management, industry statistics, review of scientific and technological achievements, anti-dumping, countervailing and trade safeguard measures, and corporate credit rating evaluation.

The China Electrical Equipment Industry Association is divided into five fields: power generation equipment, power transmission equipment, power distribution equipment, electrical equipment, basic components and materials. There are 41 branches and more than 7,500 member units distributed throughout the country, covering all areas of the electrical industry. An organizational structure with complete functions, division of labor and cooperation, complementary advantages, standard and orderly, and covering the entire industry has basically been formed.

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