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Product Description

Product name: LED street light


● The appearance is flat and optimized design, the structure is compact and simple, the appearance is beautiful, and it has high wind resistance

● Adopt external aluminum housing waterproof power supply design, not affected by the temperature of the LED lamp body, intelligent dual-stage PFC constant current drive, power factor up to 99%, wide voltage design, full voltage range (AC/DC85-265V 50HZ) long-term stability work, greatly improve the efficiency, stability and life of the LED power supply; the external power supply and the lamp body are connected by a plug-in waterproof connector, which is more convenient for maintenance

● Adopt high-power LED light source, solid state maintenance-free, light efficiency up to 120Lm/W or more, long life, green and environmental protection;

● The forward-looking scientific and beautiful ventilated heat sink design prevents the lamp from accumulating dust, which not only ensures the heat dissipation area of the lamp, thereby ensuring the long life of the LED light source, but also prevents the lamp from being damaged and deformed in collision and falling.

● The shell is made of imported aluminum, die-casting, and adopts multiple anti-vibration structure design to ensure long-term safe work in various environments;

● Adopting a one-piece two-cavity structure design, the electrical cavity and the light source cavity are separated, which essentially solves the influence of heat on the electrical appliances when the light source is working, thereby greatly improving the service life of the product.

● The surface adopts high-tech electrostatic spraying technology, strong adhesion, anti-corrosion grade WF2, anti-corrosion grade |P65, which can meet the requirements of various harsh environments, and can operate stably at ambient temperature of -40℃~+50℃.

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