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Product Description

Product Name: LED Project Lamp 

Product Features:

● The lamp adopts a modular structure in design, an ultra-thin body with beauty, ventilation and heat dissipation, perfectively solves the heat problem. 
● The lamp adopts an accurate and professional design in light distribution, enables a combination of different lens for floodlight and projection. The options in a floodlight of 60°/90°/70*145° and a combination of various powers and angles provides a perfect solution to changes between floodlight and light projection. 
● The lamp adopts a new generation of LED light source, environmental-friendly, high light efficient, life long and maintenance free in light source. 
● The lamp adopts a waterproof power source, is protected against over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning, surges and so on. A waterproof plug-in connector is installed between the light source and lamp body, facilitates luminaire maintenance. 
● The lamp has a constant current drive for wide voltage, which enables a wide range and flexibility of operation voltage. The lamp operates in a stable status with no changes in its brightness under the AC/DC85-265V. 
● The lamp shell is cast and moulded with reliable sealing design and a protection level of IP65. It is excellent in water and dust-proof. And the lamp is spray treated for more resistance to corrosion, enabling its long-time and safe operation in all kinds of harsh environments. 
● The lamp can be wall-mounted, seated, hanged and etc. It applies to needs in installation and lighting under various work occasions. And the luminaire is easy to operate. 

Product Model