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Product Description

Product Name: LED Project Lamp

Product Features :

● The lamp shell adopts premium aluminum alloy cast and moulded, has high strength, and its surface is more resistant to corrosion after spray treatment by high voltage electrostatic powder. 

● The lamp adopts an overall structure of double cavity, which facilitates onsite installation and maintenance, simplifies onsite wiring, and improves the service life of electrical components inside the electrical cabinet. 

● The LED light source we use has high luminous efficiency, good color, small light wane, and low energy consumption. 

● Embedded with a special sealing strip, the lamp has a scientific design in seal structure and an excellent performance in water and dust-proof. 

● The power module we use is capable of protections against short circuit, over-voltage and over-current. 

● suitable for wide-range lighting in long distance. Its angles are optional: 60°/90°/120°. 

● The scientific design of heat dissipation in lamp improves service life of the LED light source and components inside the electrical cabinet, efficiently prolongs lamp service life. 

Product Model