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LFB071 Maintenance-free Explosion-proof Lamp

Product Description

Produce Name: Maintenance-free Explosion-proof Lamp 

Product Features: 

● The lamp shell adopts premium aluminum alloy cast and moulded, has high strength, and its surface is more resistant to corrosion after spray treatment by high voltage electrostatic powder.

● The branded LED light source we use has high luminous efficiency, good color, small light wane, low energy consumption, no flash, extremely long service life and no cost in later use, and needs no more maintenance. 

● The lamps after scientific light distribution design gives out soft and uniform lights, causes no glares. 

● The lamp adopts a structure of double cavity, which enables the cavity part of light source gets isolated from electrical part, to improve the service life and stability of light source. 

● Embedded with a special sealing strip, the lamp has a scientific design in seal structure and an excellent performance in water and dust-proof, can be used in a harsh environment. 

● Designed for wide voltage, the lamp adopts the energy efficient power drive module, is capable of instant and hot start, constant power output, and has no influences on source illumination under a changing voltage.

Product Model