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Energy-saving frequency conversion system for pumping units

Product Description

RENLE RNPU series high-efficiency energy-saving type frequency conversion energy-saving cabinet for kowtow machine is a special inverter for petroleum industry developed based on RENLE's high-reliability and high-performance magnetic flux vector RNB2000 series inverter technology platform. It is specially tailored for oilfield pumping units. The electronic control system integrated cabinet-type all-in-one equipment is a high-tech product developed by perfect application of modern frequency conversion speed control technology to oilfield pumping equipment. It has special functions for oilfield pumping. The equipment is economical, efficient, and Save power.

Energy saving principle:

Conventional frequency converter technology VS RENLE pumping unit dedicated frequency converter technology on the application of kowtow unit:


◆Industrial frequency conversion can be automatically converted, and the operation status of the equipment can be monitored by program to realize unattended operation;

◆Perfect protection function: multiple protections such as motor overload, inverter overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating;

◆ The product has high working reliability and can adapt to harsh natural environments such as wild, severe cold, severe weather, and frost;

◆ A variety of enhanced functions of the inverter, such as non-stop power failure, automatic fault reset, etc. to improve the adaptability of the system;

◆ Flexible start, no impact on the motor, long service life of the motor;

◆ Equipped with DC reactor to reduce the impact on the power grid, with high power factor and low harmonic content.

Technical index:

◆ Input voltage range: rated input voltage 380V (320V~440V)

◆ Output power range: rated output power 7.5kW~55Kw

◆ Working environment temperature: Rated operating temperature: -25℃~+45℃

◆ Applicable altitude: 0~2 kilometers (above 1 kilometers, for every 100 meters increase, derate 1%)

◆ Protection level: IP53

Product Model


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