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KYN61A-40.5 Armored Movable Closedown Switchgear

Product Description

KYN61-40.5 armored movable closedown switch device (hereinafter referred to as switch cabinet) applies to a three-phase system of AC 50Hz and 40.5kV single bus and a segment power system of single bus. The device is mainly used for receiving and distributing network electric power from electric transformer and distribution in the industry of power generation plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprises and high buildings, and it can control, protect, monitor and measure the power circuit. The product is in accordance with the requirements of IEC60298, GB3906, DL404 and etc. It has a perfect function of Five Protections.

Product Features:

The product adopts a thermal shrinkage insulant and an insulation process of epoxy coating, a optimized shape of electrode, a compact structure of cabinet body and occupies a small floor space. The body of the switch cabinet adopts a premium steel plate cold-rolled after sheet metal processing by numerical control, and is connected with high strength bolts, nut s and rivet nuts. The surface of cabinet body is coating or galvanizing processed.
A domestic circuit breaker branded as ZN85-40.5(3AV3)and Schneider SF1and SF2, as well as SF6 circuit breaker in Alstom EP series can be supported for different needs from clients.
All functional small rooms inside the switch cabinet are adopted the metal partition for isolating, and are set with a separate channel for pressure relief.
The circuit breaker, grounding switch and other devices can be operated under a closed switch cabinet door.
The cabinet structure has a strong adaptability in structure, and it has more than 198 plans in main wiring to satisfy different client needs.
A mechanical interlocking device is set between the back cabinet door and handcart, circuit breaker, grounding switch for maloperation. It has a perfect function of Five Protections and is safe and reliable.

Service Environment Condition

Altitude: no higher than 2000m.

Ambient temperature: the upper limit is +40℃ and the lower limit is -15℃.
Relative humidity: the daily average value is not more than 95% and the monthly mean value is not more than 90%.
Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degree.
Places of no severe dirtiness such as fire explosion hazard and strenuous vibration as well as chemical corrosion and so on.

Technical Indexes:

Product Model

Statement on Product Model:

Structure Diagram

Installation Diagram:

Main wiring scheme