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HXGN□-12ZFQ(R) box-type AC metal-enclosed ring network switchgear

Product Description

HXGN□-12ZFQ(R) box-type AC metal-enclosed ring network switchgear (hereinafter referred to as ring network cabinet), achieves the same volume of vacuum ring network cabinet and SF6 ring network cabinet (can be interchanged with it), It perfectly solves the problem of difficulty in replacing the fuse in a small cabinet.

Structural features:

● This switchgear is a combined closed structure. The main switch is equipped with FZN□-12 vacuum load switch (or the ZN□-12/630-20 circuit breaker developed at the same time by our factory), which is the incoming and outgoing cabinet; it is equipped with FZN□ -12 Vacuum load switch-fuse combined electrical cabinet is a feeder cabinet. The switchgear is a drawer-type combined fuse with double-break isolation. It is absolutely safe and convenient to replace the fuse without entering the cabinet space.
● There is a reliable mechanical interlock between the vacuum interrupter, the isolating knife and the grounding knife, and a strict five-proof "soft" interlock, so that the operator has a clear operation idea and will not cause accidental manpower damage to the equipment.
● With the function of quickly removing overload and short-circuit faults, it can completely ensure that the fault current is removed within a short period of 40ms, which is very reliable for transformer protection.

The scope of products:

This product is suitable for receiving and distributing electric energy or overload and short circuit protection in 12kV three-phase AC 50Hz ring network power supply system or interrupted power supply system. It is especially suitable for oil-free, non-overhauled and frequent operation places, and it is also suitable for Box-type substation.

Technical index:

Technical parameters of fuses for combined electrical appliances:

Product Model

Product cabinet and product size chart:

Main circuit wiring scheme

Connection plan combination legend

The following information should be provided when ordering:

○ Main circuit plan and single-line system diagram and arrangement diagram;
○ In the case of the secondary circuit wiring schematic diagram and terminal arrangement diagram, the manufacturer will arrange it by itself;
○ The type, specification and quantity of electrical components in the switch cabinet;
○ The material and specifications of the main bus bar and branch bus bar shall be supplied by the manufacturer in accordance with the national standards if no regulations are provided;
○ When the switchgear is used under special environmental conditions, it should be mentioned when ordering;
○ Type and quantity of spare parts, spare parts, and wearing parts required.


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