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Product Description

The Yb□22 series of prefabricated substations are a series of products designed and developed by our company to meet the needs of urban network construction. This series of products is a complete set of power distribution equipment that integrates medium voltage switchgear, transformers, and low voltage power distribution equipment according to a certain wiring scheme.
This series of pre-installed substations are suitable for 12kV three-phase AC systems with a rated frequency of 50Hz. Residential quarters, commercial buildings and hotels, large construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction sites with a capacity configuration of 1600kVA and below are suitable for Ring network power supply is also suitable for radial terminal power supply.
This series of prefabricated substations has the advantages of compact structure, strong complete set, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and beautiful appearance; it has the advantages of small size, small area, large selectivity, small on-site installation, and short installation and debugging cycle. And features such as moving with the load center.
Prefabricated substations include aluminum-plastic panels, color steel plate prefabricated substations, metal casing prefabricated substations, non-metallic prefabricated substations, miniaturization, intelligent prefabricated substations, economical prefabricated substations, and buried Pre-installed substation.


○ The outer shell is designed according to foreign technology and actual conditions. It has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation and ventilation, good performance, dustproof, small animal-proof, moisture-proof, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. There are many options for housing materials. Such as: aluminum alloy plates, steel plates, composite plates, stainless steel plates, non-metallic materials (glass fiber cement), etc.
○ Generally, load switches are used on the high-voltage side, and vacuum circuit breakers can also be used, and it has a complete anti-misoperation function. Such as matching: XG20-12 sulfur hexafluoride ring network cabinet, HXGNl5A, HXGNl7 and other ring network switch equipment. The transformer can be an oil-immersed transformer, a fully sealed transformer, and a dry-type transformer can be used for the fork.
○ The substation has perfect protection performance, convenient operation, high and low voltage metering options, and automatic non-power compensation device can be equipped according to user requirements.
○ The top cover of the box is designed with a double-layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam plastic, which has a good heat insulation effect. The high and low voltage rooms are designed with independent ceilings inside, and the transformer room is equipped with anti-condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, heating and cooling devices.
○ The cabinet adopts natural ventilation, and forced ventilation equipment can also be installed. A dust-proof device is installed on the outer side of the door panel and the side panel corresponding to the shutters.

American box change

YB6 series prefabricated substation

product description:

YB6 series prefabricated substation is used in 7.2kV and 12kV ring network power supply, dual power supply or interrupted power supply system, as a high-voltage power distribution metering compensation control and protection device. In addition to transformers in the prefabricated substation, the high-voltage side is also equipped with four-position load switches, two-position load switches, backup protection fuses and plug-in fuses; the low-voltage side is equipped with control appliances and power distribution appliances according to user requirements , Compensation device and electric energy meter, etc.
The Yb6 series of prefabricated substations can be used indoors and outdoors, and are widely used in various places such as industrial parks, residential quarters, commercial centers, and high-rise buildings.
American box substations include standard American substations, miniaturized, intelligent American substations, and stainless steel shell American substations.


Structural features

The American box variable structure is divided into two parts. The front is the high and low pressure operation interval. The high-pressure compartment includes high-voltage terminals, load switches, no-load tap-changers, plug-in fuses, pressure release valves, oil temperature gauges, and oil drain valves. Low voltage terminals are included in the low voltage compartment. The rear part is the fuel injection tank and the heat sink, the transformer unit such as the iron core, the high voltage load switch and the protection fuse are all in the fuel injection tank.

Performance characteristics

● Small size, compact structure, only about 3/1 of the domestic box change with the same capacity;
● Fully sealed and fully insulated, no insulation distance is required, and personal safety is ensured reliably;
● It can be used for both ring network and terminal. The conversion is very convenient, which improves the reliability of power supply; the loss is small, which is lower than that of the domestic S9 transformer.
● The cable connector can operate 200A load current, and can be operated by load switch in emergency, and has the characteristics of an isolating switch;
● △/Y is adopted. The connection method and the three-phase five-column structure have the advantages of high voltage quality, no neutral point drift, no heat generation, low noise, and good lightning protection performance.

Technical index:

● Rated voltage (kV): primary/secondary: 7.2,12/0.4
● Rated frequency (Hz): 50
● Rated capacity (kVA): 50,125,225,300,400,500,630,800,1000
● 1min power frequency withstand voltage (kV): 35
● Lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV): 75
● Short-term withstand current (kA): 12kA/2S; 16kA/1S
● High-voltage backup current-limiting fuse breaking capacity kA): 50
● No-load voltage regulation: 10 kV±2×2.5%
●Environmental temperature (℃): -25~40
● Allowable temperature rise (℃): 65

Product Model

Product model description

Prefabricated substation series:

American type box substation:

Foundation plan of prefabricated substation:

Prefabricated substation configuration scheme

● Typical primary plan of prefabricated substation (European style)

● Typical primary program of prefabricated substation (standard) (enhanced) (American)

Typical secondary program of prefabricated substation (American)

Typical secondary scheme of prefabricated substation (comprehensive type) (American)