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RNZB Series HV Auto Reactive Compensator

Product Description

RNZB series HV auto reactive power compensator applies to the power distribution in three-phase AC line system of 6kV, 10kV and 35kV. It improves power factor, lowers line losses, improves power quality and increases the use inefficiency of power supply and distribution equipment.
This product is defined by the user according to line needs, realizes automatic switching of capacitors in parallel connection. Meanwhile, it is equipped with protections against short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and etc. The vacuum contactor it adopted causes no bouncing on switch-on, no reigniting on switch-off, prolonging service life and etc. The high voltage capacitors in parallel connection are installed with fuses both inside and outside and a discharge resistance. The reactive power compensation automatic controller has strong anti-interference capability and reliable performance.

Technical Characteristics

It is installed with a RNZ-1 controller, automatically tracks switch capacitors and controls on-load voltage regulation of the main transformer, keeping the power system and system voltage within regulated range to realize the status display of voltage, current, power factor, reactive power, capacitor switch-on-and-off and alarm protection at the low-voltage side of the main transformer.
It is equipped with high-voltage, low-voltage, PT disconnection, unit malfunction, over-current of main transformer and other alarm protection functions.
It is installed with RS-485 or RS-232 high-speed data communication interface, supports with the comprehensive automation system of a transformer substation to realize remote signaling, remote metering, and remote control.
It shall automatically and flexibly switch in cycles and order to ensure an average usage of each capacitor bank in accordance with the total compensation capacity, and a repeat switch of the same capacitor bank in less than the discharge time.
The micro-computer protection device for power distribution capacitor bank enables protections for two stage over-current and zero-sequence voltage. In case of one certain group of capacitors breaks down, it can automatically switches off and locks down, causing no impacts on the normal switching of other capacitors.
It can be installed with reactors of different ratios to restrain on-off inrush and suppress higher harmonics.

Technical Parameters

● Nominal voltage of the system: 6kV,10kV,35kV;
● Rated frequency: 50~60Hz;
● Reactance rate: 0.1~1%;4.5~6%;12~13%;
● Way of internal wiring: Y (Start connection)

Product Model

Model Explanation

Terms Of Application

● Relative humidity: <95%;
● Environment temperature: -25℃~+45℃;
● Altitude: <2000m;
● Environment and condition: no corrosive gas, conductive dusts, inflammables and explosives in the surrounding environment.
● Installation site: no violent vibration at indoor or outdoor, no erosion from rain or dust, and installed at a place with an inclination of no more than 5 degrees.
Note: in case of any special terms in use and environment, please negotiate with our company at ordering.

Schematic Diagram & Sheet Of Model Selection

Sheet Of Equipment Model Selection

Installation Diagram Of Framed Device


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