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RNAPF Series Active Power Filter

Product Description

At present, the LC passive filter widely used by terminal load users will produce some sub-harmonics being amplified under the condition of parameter interference. At the same time, due to the characteristics of high cost and large volume, there is currently a need for replacement. RNAPF adopts high-frequency power electronic switch conversion technology, analog and digital hybrid circuit technology for current detection and current injection of a new type of power electronic device. It is a new type of power electronic device for dynamically suppressing harmonics and compensating reactive power. Compensation for harmonics with varying sizes and frequencies and varying reactive power, its application can overcome the shortcomings of traditional harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation methods such as LC filters, and obtain better compensation characteristics than passive filters. It is an ideal harmonic compensation device.

Working principal:

RNAPF Series Active Power Filter is, with a strong and active harmonic filtering capability, a perfect solution to harmonic suppression. It can provide continuous dynamic reactive power, improves load unbalance degree. It is free from the affects of changes to power running structure
as well as system impedances from different power supplies.

RNAPF conducts real-time detection of line current, and transforms current detected into digital signal of the digital signal processor (DSP). Then the digital signal processor (DSP) generates a series of pulse wide modulation (PWM) signals, driving IGBT power components to output current whose phase position is in exact contrary with system harmonic current but has the same
amplitude toward system through a converter reactor. Thus above two harmonic currents shall offset each other, to achieve harmonic elimination and power purification.

Technical Characteristics:

● Advanced - It adopts several patented technologies
It adopts the dual control system of DSP + FPGA and closed loop control to raise detection speed and precision of harmonics;
● Speedy - Timely dynamic response
Speedy response to load fluctuation, the controller response time shall be less than 5us, and the system response time shall be less than 10ms;
● Strong - Powerful filter capacity
Wide-ranged filter; it can remove harmonics of 2 to 50 times; or choose to filter a certain time of harmonic; both  characteristic and uncharacteristic harmonics can be filtered;
● Stable - No over-current for the device
Over-compensation can be fully avoided at filtering; it can give out proper compensation current through auto tracking of load changes, and is with excellent compensation properties;
● Premium - Supported with premium spare parts
All the key parts shall be made by word-class brands to ensure product quality;
● Safe - Complete protection function
It is equipped with complete protection functions of over-voltage, over-current, over-load, phase loss, over-temperature and etc. Also it can conduct self-diagnosis to intelligently decide whether to auto slice the device, ensuring safeties of equipment and power system;
● Friendly - Easy to operate
It adopts the LCD visualized human-machine interface displayed in Chinese, is capable of fault alarm and recalls, shows the running status in the panel, and is set with running parameters.
● Capacity expansion - strong in parallel capacity expansion
Several capacities in parallel can be used simultaneously, and each device shall be free from each other;
● Ecological - Low running losses
The running losses in average shall be no more than 3% of the whole capacity.

Technical Indexes :

Product features

Rated voltage: AC380±15%、AC660±15%。
Operating frequency: 50±5%
Electrical wiring: Three-phase three-wire/ Three-phase four-wire
CT requirement: 3 CTs are needed; 5VA; Secondary current at CT side is 5A
Range of filtering: 2~50 times of harmonics (the filter can be selected; each time of harmonic compensation can be set separately)
Degree of filtering: Amplitude compensation setting can made by choosing each time of harmonic
Filter capacity: ≥97%
Reactive compensation: Optional mode, auto control of capacity

Product properties

Power-factor correction: Yes and can be set.

Response time: Controller response time: <5us; System response time: <10ms.
Active power loss: <3% under rated module power
Overload capacity: 120%,1min.
Operation way of multi-machine: Parallel running
Mean time between failure: ≥ 100,000 hours
Control features
Switch frequency: 20kHz in average
Control algorithm: Field screening vector compensation algorithm with self-adaptive capability
Way of Control: Closed loop control
Controller: Dual DSP+FPGA
Communication function: Remote communication protocol of Modbus, RS485/232 LAN communication interface
Control connection: Optical fiber or electrical connection

Structure features

Outline: H: 2200(mm)×W: 800(mm)×D: 600(mm)or customized
Weight: <600kg
Protection level: IP30
Color: RAL7035 (Light grey), other colors can be provided at request
Way of cooling: Forced air cooling
Overall structure: Floor stand
Way of Installation: Indoor installation, optional methods of fastening and incoming cable wires
Way of primary incoming line: Incoming lines from top or bottom

Environmental conditions

Environment temperature: -2℃~+40℃

Storage temperature: -25℃~+55℃
Relative humidity: 95% at maximum, free from condensation
Altitude: Installed at an altitude of less than 2000 meters (Other special requirements needs to be customized)
Electromagnetic compatibility: In conformity with GB/T7251-2005 (GB/T7261-2000), including pulse train disturbance to damping oscillation waves, electrostatic discharge disturbance, radiated electromagnetic field disturbance, fast transient disturbance, surge (impact) disturbance degree, voltage interruption disturbance resistance, electromagnetic emission test, etc.

Product Model

Model Explanation:

An example of product model:

RNAPF-3L-100/0.4 stands for an active power filter with three-phase three-wire system, a rated voltage of 400V, and a rated current of 100A.
RNAPF-4L-300/0.4 stands for an active power filter with three-phase four-wire system, a rated voltage of 400V, and a rated current of 300A.

Modularized APF

Product properties

High precision in harmonic compensation;

Strong compensation capability in neutral line and unbalance;

Flexible in design, can be used as a standard component for power distribution system;

Capable of online capacity expansion and maintenance;

It applies to the voltage level of 380V and 660V.

Application occasion

A place in need of harmonic suppression at power distribution side, like school, hospital, stadium and buildings;

A large load with limited installation room or in needs of power distribution management;

Machine-cabinet APF

Product properties

Pure and premium industrial product with imported core parts;3

High reliability, heat-resistant, resistance to salt corrosion, dust and etc;

Capable of online capacity expansion and maintenance;

It applies to the voltage level of 380V and 660V.

Application occasion

Centralized harmonic suppression in needs of high-capacity .

Reference list of cabinet size at customer’s demands

List of RNAPF specification & model

Remark: 1. The above are the regular specifications, other unlisted models can be consulted;

2. If there are any changes to equipment size, please confirm and subject to the latest design!

*: no consideration of reactor

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