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RNT Series Dynamic Capacitor Reactive Compensator

Product Description

RNT Series Dynamic Capacitor Reactive Compensator, a dynamic reactive power compensator independently developed by Renle, adopts thyristor as hurl-slices switch to automatically switch capacitor bank according to loads status, improving the quality of power grid and keeping power factors stay in their best. RNT, being quick in response, can complete the process of putting-into and reducing all capacitor banks within 10ms or 20ms. It overcomes defects of outdated reactive compensator in way of hurl-slice, control signal, response time, and etc. It is fully equipped with protection measures and self-recovery function due to blackout. Since plunged into the market, this product generates sound economic and social benefits to the user and country and is widely recognized by our costumers. This product has passed the certification of national CCC.

Working principal

First conducts the sampling process of sending system voltage and current analog to the controller, controller shall extract a reactive component Q for A/D conversion, comparing and computing. Then the controller gives out a control instruction to make thyristor hurl and slice, putting into or reducing the power capacitor bank. Adopting the thyristor as a hurl-slice switch enables the product be quick in response, free from noises, surges, over-voltage and etc. Meanwhile, the capacitor bank of this product can be plunged into repeatedly with no need of a discharged capacitor under the circumstance of equivalent voltage of system and capacitor, realizing the frequent uses of our capacitor bank.

Technical Characteristics

● Zero-off: it adopts the technique of thyristor zero-crossing hurl-slice to achieve zero voltage input and zero current elimination, causing no surge or overvoltage;
● Quick in response: it keeps speedy tracks of system load in its reactive varieties, and real-time tracks of dynamics; the response time: <20ms
●Intelligent compensation: it is equipped with an intelligent terminal of monitoring to realize real-time and online display of all parameters within the grid. And functions of remote sensing, communication and control can be realized through the communication port of RS485/232.
● Fully-covered with protections: it is equipped with various digital protection functions of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-heat, phase loss and etc.
● It can conduct the three-phase or split-phase compensation.

Technical Indexes :

● In compliance with the Standard: GB/T15576-2008 Low-voltage reactive power compensation assemblies
● Nominal voltage of system: 380V~660V
● Dynamic response time: <20ms
● Frequency: 50-60Hz
● Control signal: Reactive power
● Protection level: IP30

Product Model

Model Explanation:

Application Occasions:

○ An occasion of slightly low power factors in load, large line pressure drop and needs in reactive power compensation;
○ An occasion of wide-ranged load power factor and speedy response;
○ A power consuming occasion of highly demanded voltage fluctuation and dynamic compensation;
○ It is widely used in industries of power, mechanical manufacture, automobile, metallurgy, coal mine, chemical engineering, oil field, electric railway, and etc.

Schematic Diagram Of The Device & Sheet Of Model Selection