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ZTK Series Mining Explosion-proof Lifter Electric Controller

Product Description

The explosion-proof lifer electric controlling device adopts our company’s BPJ4 series flame-proof and intrinsically safe AC inverter for coal mining as its core, and is supported with flame-proof and intrinsically safe programmable control cabinet, intrinsically safe operation panel for coal mining, flame-proof display screen for coal mining and etc. The explosion-proof frequency inverter applies to the four-quadrant operation, works on its closed-loop regulating system by a programmable controller, displayer of the operation panel, onsite sensor and other devices to control high-power thyristor elements. During the processes of motor start, operation and stop, the product shall automatically control motor according to pre-set curves, and ensures its smooth and reliable completion of operation within the set range of controlled acceleration time, acceleration speed and speed.

Operating Principle:

ZTK coal mining lifter electric controlling device is a process control system which completes a safe and reliable operation by the lifer according to certain requirements on control. This system mainly includes lifter functions in lifting control, distance of travel, control and instruction, fault detection and alarm, and protection of a safety circuit, control of working and safe brakes in hydraulic station and etc. The lifter control system with a core of S7series programmable controller (i.e. PLC) by Siemens has greatly increased the safety and reliability of the control system itself, improves the machine performances in control and protection, simplifies the hardware components and circuits of the control system, and makes operation and maintenance be easier.

Main Applications

Application in the mine belt conveyor system

All onsite operations shall be logically controlled by the PLC, which timely protects and conducts functions of transport deviation test and over-speed skid protection on the belt conveyor from longitudinal tear and coal blocking.

Application in mine drainage system

The system shall be controlled the PLC, which shall realize an automatic start and stop of water pump according water level and other parameters. The dynamic water removal by a single pump shall be realized through the frequency inverter, so does the dynamic water removal in linkage by pumps.

Application in the mine lifting system

The system shall controlled by the PLC and signal system, which applies to coal mining lifter of subinclined shaft, blind shaft, single level, multi-level, single drum, multi-drum and etc. The product is compact in structure, small in size and excellent in speed regulation and control performances. The LCD screen state shall be kept for operational status and faults enquiry during system blackout.

Product Features

A safety protection of Double Wire System shall be formed. All key circuits, such as safety circuit, deceleration loop, adopt a redundant and diverse design in hardware and software to realize dual or triple protection.

A Double Wire control system is installed on the winch electrical control system to ensure a reliable operation of a malfunctioning device in emergencies.

The device is reliable and easy for driver’s operation. The system reliability and safety shall not be decided by the driver but the device itself.

The system is schematically designed and appraised according to principles of safety, reliability, advanced technology, easy for use and maintenance, economical and practical. Thus, the product basically needs no or little maintenance.

It provides a thorough EMC installation plan. The electromagnetic compatibility of system complies with national standards.

Requirements on Environment

1.The produce shall be installed in a altitude of no more than 2000 meters ( for more than 2000 meter, a customerized product shall be made)

2.The environment temperature: -10~+40℃, relative humidity: no more than 95% (at 25)

3.A place of no corrosive gas with damages to metal and insulation materials

4.Environment pollution level: level 3

5.Installation type: type I

6.Input voltage waveform is sine wave

7.The input voltage fluctuation:  no more than -15%~+10% of the rated values

8.requency fluctuation: no more than ±2% of the rated values. underground coal mine with gas, coal dust, and explosive hazards.

Technical Parameters:

Product Model

Statement on product models:


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