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QBRG series mine explosion-proof high pressure vacuum soft start controller

Product Description

QBRG series mine explosion-proof high voltage soft start controller (hereinafter referred to as soft start) includes control module, thyristor module, bypass vacuum contactor. This product is suitable for realizing heavy-load soft start and soft stop of the motor in the environment containing gas (methane) and dust explosion hazard. It has small starting current and stable starting speed. The starting time is adjustable, the impact on the grid is small, and the output torque is large.

working principle:

The control core of the soft start is the microprocessor CPU. This microprocessor control system can start and protect the motor. The CPU controls the SCR to perform phase angle control to reduce the voltage applied to the motor, and then smoothly increases the motor torque by controlling the voltage and current applied to the motor until the motor accelerates to full speed operation.

This starting method can reduce the starting impact of the motor on the power grid, reduce the impact on the power grid and the motor, and at the same time reduce the impact on the mechanical load device connected to the motor, so as to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce failures and shutdowns.


● Reduce mechanical shock

Eliminate the impact to the system machinery during the restart and shutdown of the equipment to the greatest extent, such as reducing the water hammer phenomenon in the water pump system.

● Reduce the impact on the grid

Eliminate the electrical impact of the equipment on the power grid during the start-up process to the greatest extent, such as reduced voltage starting and network voltage drop.

● Maintenance-free

The solid-state soft starter uses SCR non-contact electronic devices. Other types of starter products require frequent maintenance of resistive fluid and mechanical parts. The solid-state soft starter turns the mechanical life of the electronic component into the life of the electronic component, which is basically free of maintenance.

● Emergency work

The machine is equipped with a direct-start vacuum contactor. When the soft start fails, the vacuum contactor can be used to directly start the motor to maintain production.

● Simple installation

The device is a complete motor starting control system, only need to connect the power supply line and the motor line during installation.

● Control method

This device has two starting modes: soft start and straight start. Both remote control and near control are used.

If you need remote control, you only need to connect the remote control line. This device provides users with two ways of near control and remote control. The remote control is divided into two-wire control and three-wire control.

● Display settings

This device provides users with a good Chinese man-machine interface, which is convenient for debugging and troubleshooting.

● Protection and monitoring

The device has built-in motor protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, unbalanced voltage and current, overload and stall, phase loss, stall, and overheating.

● Network function

The main control board of this device integrates communication interface, chooses Profibus, modbus to realize the communication protocol, and standard RS485 interface.

● Scope of use

This device is suitable for water pumps, fans, belt conveyors, scraper conveyors, chain drive devices and other equipment that often needs to be started with heavy loads.

Technical index:

Rated input voltage (V): three-phase AC6KV, AC10KV, 50Hz voltage fluctuation range ±15%;

Voltage fluctuation range: -15+10% Frequency fluctuation: ±5%

Rated current (A): 150A, 300A, 400A

Main features of communication port

Load type: three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motor

Ramp time: 0-60s adjustable

Soft parking time: 0-60s adjustable limit

Stream level: 150-500%

Start mode: voltage ramp start mode, current limit start mode

Stop mode: free stop, soft stop

Start delay: 0-300s adjustable

Phase sequence: QBRG allows working under any phase sequence

Stalled-rotor trip time: 0.2-10.0s adjustable

Display function: LED Chinese display interface

Overload capacity: continuous: 125% controller nominal value

Control mode: two-wire or three-wire system

Communication port: standard RS485 interface

Low-voltage control power supply: 127VAC (flameproof type for mining)

Insulation grade of electrical department: 20KV (6KV), 35KV (10KV)

Low-voltage electrical part insulation class: 2kV

Electrical life of vacuum contactor: 300,000 times

Mechanical life of vacuum contactor: 100,000 times

Application scope: occasions with explosive gas and coal dust explosion danger

Altitude: Altitude does not exceed 2000m, pressure (80106) Kpa

Ambient temperature: 1. The ambient air temperature is not more than +40℃, not less than -10℃;

Relative humidity: 2. The ambient air humidity is not more than 95%±3% (at 25℃±3℃)

Protection function: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating, phase loss, zero sequence protection (leakage), long-time starting protection, etc.

Explosion-proof mark: ExdlMb

Cooling method: natural cooling

Installation method: floor type

Product Model

Product model description:

Dimensions (D×W×H: 1831×1268×1371)

Note: The left side of the outline drawing is the main cavity, and the right side is the wiring cavity

Main application scheme:

Application in water pump system

Use soft start to drive the water pump to start and stop, reduce the impact on the water pump and pipeline during the start and stop process, reduce the water hammer phenomenon, and extend the service life of the water pump system. Reduce the impact on the grid.

Fan application scheme

Reduce the redundant torque during starting and eliminate the mechanical impact of the equipment on the system during starting and stopping to the maximum extent. Minimize the impact of equipment restarting the squadron's grid.

Application scheme on belt conveyor

In the belt conveyor, one soft starter can be used to drive two motors, and the PLC control system detects the current of the motor for overcurrent protection. Lower the rollers of the belt conveyor during starting and stopping. The impact of rollers and conveyor belts can prolong the service life of long belt conveyor systems. Reduce the impact on the grid.


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