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GKGR Series 3-in-1 HV Vacuum Soft Starter Cabinet for Mining

Product Description

GKGR 3-in-1 HV vacuum soft starter cabinet for mining (hereinafter referred to as soft starter cabinet) is signaled as “kA”, applies to coal mining places of no hazards, gas, dusts, explosives and non-coal mines places of an underground control room, an underground parking lot, main ventilation duct, mechanical and electronic chamber. It also can be widely used in aboveground places of large steel plant, petrochemical plant, sewage treatment plant, power plant and so on.

A complete soft starter cabinet includes power module, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) module, motor protection module, communication module and so on. The control core of a soft starter cabinet is a microprocessor (CPU), which starts and protects the motor.

CPU controls SCR in conducting phase trigger and control to lower the motor’s voltage and current, smoothly add the motor torque until full speed operation. This way of start-up can lower the motor’s start-up and impact current, reducing impacts on the power grid, motor itself, and the mechanical influences connected from loads at the same time, in order to prolong the device service life and reduce motor breakdowns.

Product Features:

1.e whole is composed of GKGR series HV solid soft starter device, circuit breaker, intelligent operation system, integrated microcomputer protector, bypass contactor.

2.Protection level of cabinet shell is 1P54;

3.The cabinet body is divided into four separate rooms: busbar isolation room, relay room, circuit breaker handcart room, and soft-start room.

Technical Indexes

Environment for installation and storage

1. bient temperature: -540

2. elative humidity: 95% in 25;

3. altitude of no more than 1000m;laces without hazards of corrosive gas, strenuous vibrations or metal dusts.

4. Coal mining places of no hazards of gas, dusts and explosives.

Note: If you have any special requirements, please consult with the manufacturer for negotiation and solutions.

Product Model

Statement on Product Model:

Installation Figure of a Soft Starter Cabinet

Schematic Diagram of 3-in-1 HV Vacuum Soft Starter Cabinet for Ordinary Mining Type 

Primary Circuit Diagram of 3-in-1 Soft Starter Cabinet


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