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Product Description

RNB8000 is a new generation of all-round low-voltage AC drive products developed based on the RENLE high-end frequency conversion speed control product technology platform. It can meet the needs of any industrial process, automation system, users and enterprises, and is suitable for users in various industries.And applications provide unprecedented compatibility and flexibility.

The RNB8000 series multi-motor drive inverter is a multi-motor drive product for positioning multi-point drive applications, high-performance speed and torque control, convenient and flexible system integration. RNB8000 products can be applied to various applications, such as: paper machine main drive production lines, textile printing and dyeing machines, chemical fiber plastics, printing and packaging and other complex systems with high performance requirements and multi-point transmission applications.

Product Features:

1.Save cabinet space

Divided as rectifier and inverter units; book modular design; applicable to compact installation side by side for several machines, highly utilized cabinet space,   small floor space.

2. High efficiency and energy saving

Common DC bus, automatic allocation of power consumption and dynamic braking, save braking energy consumption, high power utility rate;

3.Little pollution to power grid

Centralized power supply lessens the harmonic pollution and EMI interferences to the power grid by the inverter input.

4.Advanced communication technology

Adopt the advanced industrial field bus, PROFIBUS-DP communication. The maximum communication rate can reach 12Mbps. Multi-station and long-distance high speed communication between inverters and upper computer controller system.

5.Excellent multi-machine synchronous control performance

Multi-machine synchronous control is excellent in speedy response, high precision, strong stability, enables the synchronous running of dozens of motor in the whole production line, realizes speedy and even distribution of the load, avoiding mechanical breakdown caused by the asynchronous equipment and uneven load distribution.

6.Powerful in function & flexible in use

Rectifier and inverter units have several power module units. Flexible and convenient power extension. The product has abundant I/O and communication interfaces, and reserved with related extended interfaces.


Rated input voltage:4T:540V DC; 6T:975V DC

Input voltage range:Voltage fluctuation range -20% ~ +20%


Output voltage range:4T:0~380VAC 0~600Hz;6T:0~690VAC 0~600Hz

Control performance

● Control mode: V/F control, vector control without speed sensor, vector control with speed sensor

● Speed adjustment range: 1:100 (vector control without speed sensor); 1:1000 (vector control with speed sensor)

● Speed stabilization accuracy: ±0.5% (vector control without speed sensor); ±0.2% (vector control with speed sensor)

● Torque response: ≤20ms (vector control without speed sensor); ≤5ms (vector control with speed sensor)

● Torque control accuracy: ±5% (vector control without speed sensor); ±3% (vector control with speed sensor)

Basic functions

● Overload capacity: 150% rated current running time is 60s; 180% rated current running time is 10s; 200% rated current running time is 1s automatic power

● Voltage adjustment: When the grid voltage changes, the output voltage can be automatically kept stable

● Automatic torque boost: automatic torque boost can be realized under V/F control

● Speed search start: achieve smooth start without impact on rotating motor

● Acceleration/deceleration curve: straight line; S curve

● Operation command: 3 channels: ①LED/LCD operation panel from the outside of the machine; ②Control terminal; ③Remote communication

● Frequency command: 5 channels: ①Externally introduced LED/LCD operation panel of the machine; ②External terminal analog; ③External terminal multi-terminal speed; ④Remote communication; ⑤PID

Inbound interface

● Analog input: 2 channels, 0 ~ 10V or 0/4 ~ 20mA optional, programmable

● Analog output: 2 channels, 0 ~ 10V or 0/4 ~ 20mA optional, programmable

● Digital input: 5 channels, programmable

● Digital output: 2 relay output signals, programmable

●Operation panel display: support liquid crystal display and digital display, standard liquid crystal display, RJ45 interface

● Communication interface: support Modbus-RTU or Profibus-DP communication protocol, standard Profibus-DP protocol, DB9 interface

● Encoder interface: support 24V power supply photoelectric encoder, open collector, differential signal

● Expansion board: expandable communication board, support Ethernet, wireless network; expandable PG board, support 5V power supply sine-cosine encoder, resolver and other different types of encoder signals; expandable I/O board Card, support more digital input and output, analog input and output signals

Protective function

Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, motor overload, inverter protection function overload, output phase loss, inverter module overheating, drive failure, etc.


● Use place: indoors, the altitude is lower than 1000 meters, no dust, no drips, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight

● Storage temperature: -45 ~ +65℃

● Operating environment temperature: -10 ~ +40℃, derating and using between 40 ~ 50℃, each increase of 1℃ will reduce the rated output current by 1%

● Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)

● Altitude: 0 ~ 2000 meters, derating for use above 1000 meters, each increase of 100 meters, the rated output current is reduced by 1%

● Vibration: less than 0.5g (acceleration)

● Storage temperature: -40 ~ +70℃

● Protection level: IP20

Product Model

Product model description::


Product specification model table

Table: Inverter unit specification model table

Product outline drawing

Product dimensions

Inverter unit

Inverter unit outline installation size data sheet


Product application cases