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RNB1000 Series frequency inverter

Product Description

RNB1000 series inverters are suitable for three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors. Its compact structure, high reliability, widely used in various equipment such as fans, pumps, ceramic machinery, machine tools, woodworking machinery, packaging and printing machinery, material handling equipment and other general equipment (conveyors, elevators), etc.

Product Characteristics:

RNB1000 series frequency inverters help users to raise production efficiency depending on their compact structure, powerful function and convenient operation.

○ Under V/f control mode, the frequency inverters offer high-precision current limiting control. So the driver gets rid of overcurrent alarm no matter in fast acceleration/deceleration or during locked rotor. In such way the driver i s protected reliably; Under vector control mode, high-precision torque limiting control allows the driver to output strong or soft torque according to the technological control of the user, and so reliably protect the mechanical equipment.

○ Under V/f separation control mode, output frequency and outpu t voltage can be set separately. This is applicable to variable frequency power supply, torque motor control and other applications.

○ Speed search, accurate and reliable, can enable no-impact smooth start of rotating motor.

○ Process PID control owns abundant giving and feedback modes. Two groups of proportion, integration and differential parameters can be switched freely.This control is especially applicable to energy saving of fans and pumps.

○ The in verter supports i nput of D C po wer a nd enables user to arrange application of common DC bus.

○ Overvoltage stall protection: During fast deceleration of large inertia load, the regeneration energy may result in overvoltage fault. The instantaneous adjustment of output frequency can reduce the probability of overvoltage tripping, so the continuous and reliable operation of the system is ensured.

○ Undervoltage adjustment: When instantaneous undervoltage or power failure occurs, the DC bus voltage remains constant depending on the automatic reduction of output frequency, so the continuous operation of the driver within short time is guaranteed. This function is applicable to application of fans and pumps.

○ Overcurrent stall protection function: During fast acceleration of heavy load, the instantaneous large slip may result in overcurrent fault. The instantaneous adjustment of output frequency can reduce the probability of overcurrent tripping, so the continuous and reliable operation of the system is ensured.

○ Low frequency oscillation suppression function: During no-load or light load start of large power motor, the acute oscillation may occur and result in fault tripping. Enabling this function can suppress oscillation effectively and ensure reliable operation of the system.

○ Automatic torque boost: Under V/f control mode, the inverter can automatically adjust output torque according to the state of the load. It is applicable to light load, no-load and even overload start.

Technical index:

Main power input

Rated voltage: Three-phase AC: 380V, 50/60HZ

Frequency variation allowable value: Voltage: 380V±20% Frequency: ±5%

Main power output

Output voltage: 0~rated input voltage

Output frequency: 0Hz~600Hz

Technical characteristics

● PWM modulation method: SVPWM, three-phase modulation and two-phase modulation

● Control method: V/F control, vector (open loop vector) control without PG card, torque control

● Setting method of running command: external terminal, keyboard panel, serial communication

● Speed command setting method: analog quantity setting, keyboard panel, serial communication, high-speed pulse, terminal multi-stage speed setting, PID control setting, simple PLC setting

● Speed control range: open loop vector control 1:100

● Speed control accuracy: open loop vector control ±0.5%

● Overload capacity: 150% rated current 60S; 180% rated current 10S; 200% rated current 1S

● Automatic voltage adjustment: when the grid voltage changes, it can automatically keep the output voltage constant

● Speed search start: realize smooth start without impact on the rotating motor

Control terminal input

● Available internal power supply: 1 channel, +10VDC, maximum current 50mA (for reference potentiometer); 1 channel, +24VDC, maximum current 200mA (for logic input port)

● Analog input: 1 channel, 0~10VDC or 0/4~20mA DC, optional; 1 channel, -10~+10VDC

● Switch input: 8 programmable logic inputs, support NPN and PNP open-collector signals, and can choose 39 kinds of logic input functions such as forward rotation, reverse rotation, and fault reset.

● Pulse signal input: 1 high-speed pulse input, input frequency range: 0 ~ 50KHz, can be used as a speed reference source or speed feedback source with strong anti-interference and high accuracy.

Control terminal output

● Analog output: 2 channels, 0 ~ 10VDC or 0 ~ 20mA DC, optional

● Switch output: 2 programmable logic outputs, NPN open collector signal, 20 kinds of logic output functions such as running, forward running, reverse running, and fault output can be selected.

● Pulse signal output: 1 high-speed pulse output, NPN open collector signal, 13 output functions are optional

● Programmable relay output: 2 channels, each with a pair of normally open contacts and a pair of normally closed contacts, contact capacity: 250VAC/3A, 30VDC/1A

Communication Interface

RS485 communication: RS485 interface, support modbus protocol

Operation panel

● Display: digital tube operation panel or LCD operation panel, display status parameters, fault codes, etc., and set parameters

● Indicator light: status indicator light, indicating the status information of the inverter work; unit indicator light, displaying the unit of the LED digital display data

●Keys: control the inverter and set parameters

● Parameter copy: support the upload of local user parameters to the panel for saving; at the same time, support the download of user parameters saved by the panel to the machine


● It has output overcurrent, bus overvoltage, bus undervoltage, motor overload, inverter overload, input phase loss, output phase loss, rectifier module overheating, inverter module overheating, external fault, communication fault, current detection fault, motor automatic Learning failure, EEPROM operation failure, PID feedback disconnection failure, braking unit failure, factory set time arrival and other 25 types of failure protection functions.


● Compliance with standards: RNB1000 series frequency converters comply with various international standards (IEC, EN), especially IEC/EN61800-5-1 (low voltage), IEC/EN61800-3 (conducted and radiated anti-interference standards)

● Use place: indoor, at an altitude of less than 1 km, free from dust, corrosive gas and direct sunlight Ambient temperature: Operation: -25℃~40℃ reliable operation without derating; derating between 40℃~50℃, every increase of 1℃ will reduce the output current by 1%. Storage: -40℃~ +70℃

● Altitude: 0~2000m, derating is required for use above 1000m (for every 100m increase, derating 1%)

● Humidity: 5% to 95%, no condensation or dripping water

● Vibration intensity: <5.9m/s2(0.6g)


Protection level:IP20

● Cooling method: forced air cooling

● Installation method: 0.75~315KW: wall-mounted; 350~500KW: floor-standing

Product Model

Model Explanation:

Product appearance and installation size and weight

Table of product outer and installation dimensions

Type and specifications:

Note 1. The inverter with power below RNB1110G/132P (included) can be equipped with a built-in braking unit. The power and resistance of the braking resistor must meet the requirements in the table, otherwise the product may be damaged.
Note 2. The inverter with power between RNB1350G (inclusive) and RNB1500G (inclusive) has its own input AC reactor.
Note 3. The above machines are for general type, not including special machine type. Customization of non-standard machine type is available.