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RNRA series high voltage reactor starting device

Product Description

RNRA series high voltage reactor starting device is suitable for high voltage squirrel cage motors with 3-10KV AC 50Hz and power below 4000kW. Its characteristic is that the starting current is generally 4 to 5 times the rated current, and the starting current limit is not strict. Mainly used for infrequent starting of various light and heavy loads. This product is widely used in the starting of three-phase high-voltage squirrel-type three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motor machinery and equipment in chemical, mining, petroleum, metallurgy, water conservancy and other industries.

working principle:

The reactor is selected as the voltage-reducing and current-limiting device. When the motor starts, it is connected to the primary circuit. Due to the partial voltage drop caused by the impedance of the reactor, the terminal voltage of the motor is reduced, so that the starting current is reduced (about 4~5 times of the full voltage) Rated current). After the start is completed, the bypass contactor is used to automatically cut off the reactor, and the motor is turned into full-voltage operation, which effectively improves the starting stability of the mechanical equipment.

In order to solve the dispersion of the starting parameters and ensure the success rate of starting, the reactor can provide 2 sets of different parameters by tapping, which is convenient for on-site adjustment. The starting time is generally tens of seconds to 2 minutes.

When the reactor starts, the voltage drop is generally within 10%, which has little effect on the power grid. However, when the quality of the user's power grid is not very good and the power factor is relatively low, there will be an instantaneous voltage drop during the motor starting process, which affects other equipment. For normal operation, it is recommended to add a local capacitance compensation device.


○ Dry-type reactors are smaller in volume than traditional oil-immersed reactors and air-core reactors, and have the characteristics of light weight, small space, simple structure, convenient installation and long service life.

○ The dry-type reactor adopts a silicon steel sheet iron core and a copper coil as a cylindrical type. It is wound with high-strength electromagnetic wire and insulated with glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. The temperature resistance class is F (155℃). During normal operation, the temperature rise of the iron core of the reactor during starting should not exceed 85℃, and the temperature rise of the coil should not exceed 95℃.

○ The loss of dry-type iron core starting reactor is lower than that of oil-immersed reactor.

○ The noise at the start of the reactor is not greater than the national standard 50dB.

○ The high-voltage reactor starting device has undervoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, zero sequence protection, etc.○ Usua

lly the motor stator loop series reactor is started at 65% rated voltage, and the reactor has a set of 80% taps. If the load start torque is large, the reactor can be started after appropriate adjustment of the taps, usually every time. The time is no more than 30 seconds, 20-60 seconds can be adjusted, and it can be started continuously for 2 to 3 times. If the starting time is 2 minutes (the sum of one or several times), the temperature should be cooled down before restarting.

○ The high-voltage starting reactor is a three-phase dry type, and the silicon steel sheet iron core and coil are baked and combined into one body after epoxy resin vacuum casting.

The core is a three-column core structure, the core column is a multi-level stepped circular section, and the iron yoke is an inverted D-shaped cross section. There are several air gaps on the three core columns. The iron core column is divided into several iron core cakes, and the air gap plate Together with the iron core cake, it is tightened by the tightening screws on the upper and lower yokes, and there is no noise and vibration when starting, thus ensuring the stability of the coil and the long-term reliability of the ground insulation resistance.

○ Man-machine interface: The man-machine interface is used in several aspects, such as the programming input and output settings of the soft start device, protection functions, warnings, bus communication, etc. This interface can also be used for parameter setting, local control and display of soft start status information. LED display, touch screen soft key operation, Chinese operation interface.

○ PLC control can be used to communicate with the host computer through the RS485 interface to meet the requirements of the DCS control system. The communication protocol is an open Modbus bus protocol.

Structural features:

RNRA reactor starting device adopts KYN28-12 (revised) cabinet structure, the inside and outside of the shell and the partitions should be made of aluminum-zinc steel plate, and the surface should be electrostatic sprayed, which has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The starting reactor in the cabinet is a dry-type iron core reactor. The iron core is made of high-quality imported silicon steel sheet. The core column is divided into even small sections by multiple air gaps. The air gap is insulated by epoxy board, and the high temperature and high strength adhesive is used to Ensure that the air gap does not change when the reactor is running. The core section adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet end face glue, which makes the silicon steel sheet firmly bonded together, greatly reduces the noise during operation, and has good corrosion resistance.

Applicable environment:

● Indoor installation, no violent vibration, no harmful gas or dust, no flammable and explosive materials.

● Operating environment temperature Celsius: -25℃~ +45℃.

● Relative humidity: the daily average value is not more than 95%, and the monthly average value is not more than 90%.

● Altitude: no more than 1000M.

● Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees.

● The cumulative start-up time does not exceed 2 minutes.

Product Model

Product model description:

product model:


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