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Social responsibility

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Caring career

● Hope Primary School.

● Love library.

Poverty Alleviation and Disaster Relief

● Donations in disaster areas

● Donations for poverty alleviation

● Charity Fund

Co-build laboratory

RENLE focuses on opening up the channel for technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific research results, and uses technology market, capital market, and talent market as the link to promote the close integration of industry, university, research and application, and build an open and efficient innovation network and innovation community with multi-agent collaboration and interaction. The company continuously introduces production equipment and testing equipment, establishes laboratories, and provides research and development experimental bases for many domestic colleges and universities. With the approval of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the company is allowed to set up post-doctoral workstations and cooperate with schools and enterprises to build production, education and research. The joint platform makes positive contributions to promoting the development of the industry.

Double responsibility of the enterprise

While creating profits and assuming legal responsibilities to shareholders and employees, companies also assume responsibilities to consumers, communities and the environment. Corporate social responsibility requires companies to go beyond the traditional concept of profit as the only goal, emphasize the concern for human value in the production process, and emphasize the contribution to the environment, consumers, and society.

Second, companies set an example in obeying the law and complying with all laws and regulations, including environmental protection law, consumer rights law and labor protection law. Complete all contractual obligations, take the lead in operating in good faith, operate legally, and honor the warranty promise. Encourage the employees of the company and the communities where the company is located to jointly abide by the law and build a society under the rule of law.

Third, ethical responsibility is society’s expectations of enterprises, and enterprises should strive to prevent society from being negatively affected by their own operations, products, and services. Accelerate the upgrading of industrial technology and the optimization of the industrial structure, vigorously develop green enterprises, increase the ability of enterprises to absorb employment, and perform their duties for environmental protection and social stability.

Finally, it is the corporate philanthropic responsibility. An important task of building a harmonious society at this stage is to vigorously develop social undertakings. The development of education, medical and health, social security and other undertakings is directly related to the most direct interests of the people, and it also directly determines the stability and harmony of the society. In many places, there is insufficient investment or inability to invest in the development of social undertakings. This requires the mobilization of all capital that can be mobilized. Enterprises should give full play to their capital advantages to develop social undertakings and make external donations to become a good corporate citizen. Support the development of community education, support health, humanistic care, culture and art, urban construction, etc., help communities improve the public environment, and work voluntarily for the community